Trimalchio’s Dinner

Trimalchio's Dinner

The Historical Reenactment in Albano Laziale chose the Roman cuisine as main topic this year.

It was not possible not to mention the renowned “Trimalchio’s Dinner” of Petronio Satyricon.

Between battles and lectures, this text has been adapted by Luca Luongo, and a very special surprise was served to the public during the play: a typical Roman meal.

  • Production: IDS – Imprenditori di Sogni
  • Director: Marzia Meddi
  • Text: Luca Luongo
  • Actors: Emanuele Boscioni, Beatrice Rincicotti, Miriam Pallotta, Luca Egidi
  • Narrator: Silvia Cohen
  • Harp: Chiara Evangelista

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