Japan Tour

Japan Tour

Last December I had the amazing opportunity to travel in the wonderful, exotic Japan, together with the “Orchestra di Roma” for the 2022 Tournée.

We played in so many incredible places, and I felt so lucky to play in the most important halls of the country.

The repertoire was all based on movie music (mostly Italian) but we also had a concert with the music of M°Yoshimata, a great Japanese composer. I had many solos, and feeling my sound to fill this huge halls was an unforgettable experience!

The Concerts of the Tournée:

  • Tokyo Opera City
  • Tokyo Tokyo Metropolitan City
  • Tokyo Yokohama Minato Mirai Hall
  • Yokohama Hokuto Bunka Hall
  • Nagato Shiojiri Rasin Hall
  • Shiojiri Nagato
  • Hiroshima Bunka HBG Hall
  • Hiroshima Showa Women’s University
  • Tokyo Shimizu Bunka Kaikan
  • Tokyo Shimonoseki Shimin Kaikan
  • Shimonoseki Hozan Hall
  • Kagoshima Miyazaki Kenmin Center
  • Miyazaki Kumamoto Jo Hall
  • Kumamoto Fukuoka Shimin Kaikan
  • Fukuoka Saiki
  • Jo Yamazakura Hall
  • Yamazakura Aichi
  • Ken Jeijutsu Gekijou
  • Nagoya Nagaoka Civic Hall
  • Nagaoka Akita Jeijutsu Gekijou
  • Akita Seitoku Women’s University
  • Matsudo Rezkam hall1


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