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How to choose the right music for your special day?

Which is the perfect music for harp?

First of all we need to focus on which rite we are going to choose: civil or religious rite. 

The civil rite has three main musical moments: the entrance, the exchange of rings and the exit of the bride and groom, but anyway it’s up to you having a soft background music in any moment you prefer.

In the last years many symbolic rites were introduced, like the Sand Rite or the Ceremony of Candles and so on, there you can have a special music too.

For the Religious Rite we should separate the music inside the liturgy and the music outside of it. In fact, the music inside the liturgy must be strictly classical or sacred; for the moments outside the liturgy, like the processional, the recessional and during the signatures and pictures, you can bee free to choose more contemporary music.

I suggest to give the music list to the celebrant a few weeks before the ceremony, because sometimes a few churches are a bit “old-fashioned” about the songs and the musical moments.

Anyway you can write me for having more details about it, I wrote some guidelines and suggestions for you that I’ll be happy to give!

You can choose between hundreds of titles for harp solo, duo and trio.

At the bottom of the Ceremony page there is also a nice playlist I recorded for helping you to recognize and choose easily between the most famous songs.

Also, it will be my pleasure to welcome the guest and lighten the mood in any moment it is possible with more chosen music.

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