Calvino Celebration

Calvino Celebration

On the 14th and 15th of October, Villa Farinacci (Rome) hosted a very special play: “Nelle Stanze di Calvino”, where the public was accompained by Calvino himself (played by Davide Fasano) throught the rooms of the house to meet all the main characters of his novels: Marcovaldo, Marco Polo and the Baron in the Trees (who was obviously waiting for everyone on the top of the tree outside!). The harp not only welcomed and greeted the hosts, but also share the deep moment between Orlando (Francesco Perinelli) and Angelica (Beatrice Rincicotti), playing together a fabulous dancer, surrounded by dozens candles.

Director: Yuri Napoli

Producer: IDS – Imprenditori di Sogni

Harp: Chiara Evangelista

Dancer: Asia Perrone

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