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May Concerts

This spring starts great with two chamber music concerts!

Davide Stanzione will share this me this two events with beautiful classics for Flute and Harp, Flute and Piano and Violin and Harp.

Both appointments will be held in Rome city centre, the first one in a beautiful church in Prati, the other one in an institute auditorium.

Spoiler alert!! This will be the program:

  • N.Rota – Sonata per Flauto e arpa
  • P.Tchaikovsky – Aria di Lensky da “Eugene Onegin”
  • G.Briccialdi- Fantasia su “La Norma”
  • C.Saint-Saens – Fantasia op.79
  • G.Fauré – En Prière

Can’t wait!

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Welcome on my website!

I am Chiara Evangelista, a harpist from Rome.

Here you can find everything on my activities: concerts, events, info about repertoire, ensembles, gigs and lessons.

On each page you can read about every project and listened to it.

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Calvino Celebration

On the 14th and 15th of October, Villa Farinacci (Rome) hosted a very special play: “Nelle Stanze di Calvino”, where the public was accompained by Calvino himself (played by Davide Fasano) throught the rooms of the house to meet all the main characters of his novels: Marcovaldo, Marco Polo and the Baron in the Trees (who was obviously waiting for everyone on the top of the tree outside!). The harp not only welcomed and greeted the hosts, but also share the deep moment between Orlando (Francesco Perinelli) and Angelica (Beatrice Rincicotti), playing together a fabulous dancer, surrounded by dozens candles.

Director: Yuri Napoli

Producer: IDS – Imprenditori di Sogni

Harp: Chiara Evangelista

Dancer: Asia Perrone

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2777 Birth of Rome

On the 21st of April Rome celebrated the 2777 Years from its legendary birth.

There have been huge parades, concerts, events, battle performances, historical reenactment and so on…

I was there too with IDS production for telling the bistory between Rome and Dacia for the last day of the exhibition “Dacia” in Museo Nazionale Romano.

Under the patronage of the Romanian Embassy in Italy who shared with us this day and together with the amazing actor and director Yuri Napoli we shared tales and historical testimonies of that time.

Text:Luca Luongo

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Harp and Violin

New recordings!

Together with the amazing Fabiola Gaudio we wanted to warm the winter with two original arrangments:

  • Schindler’s List – di John Williams, for the first time for Violin and Harp
  • Oblivion – one of  Piazzolla‘s best 

Have a listen at the links below!

Special thanks to: Village Recording Studio, Teatro Lazzaroni e Giulio Ferro.

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Flute and Harp

A new challenge for this December!

Davide Stanzione will share with me this new recital program. For a great new year’s start we recorded at Village Recording Studio a preview of this project:

  • Doppler/Zamara – Fantasia su “La Casilda”, of which we found an original ever recorded version for flute, harp and orchestra that we will perform soon
  • Ennio Morricone – Tema da “La Califfa”, an arrangement we wrote to celebrate the passing of our great Maestro 

Below you find the full videos on youtube!

Have also a look to our Concert proposal on the link here:

Aria, Fantasia, Sonata

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Io sono Eterna

In occasion of Women’s Day, on the 25th of Novembre Palazzo Savelli in Albano hosted a play by IDS – Imprenditori di Sogni, for raising awareness about violence against women.

The play present the condition of women during Severan dinasty, through real testimonies, and modern monologues and poetry.

The Harp partecipated and commented everything through music – from Celtic songs to Bach, Scarlatti, Satie, Einaudi.

There’s still a lot to improve on this matter,  and I really hope that Art and Music will help to build a better awareness giving voice to ancient and today’s women.

Symphonika on the Rock

On the 25th of February, for the Rome stage of Symphonika Orchestra Tour in Auditorium della Conciliazione, I had the occasion of playing ’70s Rock, which usually don’t involve my instrument, therefore it has been a really fun and new experience for me!

The band together with the Orchestra played the songs of the Bands that made the history of Rock: from Led Zeppelin to Queen, Gun’s and Roses, Pink Floyd and so on.

There were about a thousand of people who came to the concert, thank you all!

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Latin Dances

From Spain to South America, Latin population spread its rich repertoire of Folk Dances, and it was embraced in so many Classical music operas until becoming a specific language with a codified style of writing.

In this peculiar ensemble we explore each one: Flamenco, Tango, Bolero, Fandango and many others..the tints of these sunny countries are enriched of a new sound.

These recordings you’ll find below are born by a free improvisation afternoon on known pieces. It was very difficult to choose which version we liked most because each of on them was so different!

Here you can listen the masterpiece Libertango by Piazzolla and a harp contemporary piece by Deborah Henson-Conant based on a J.J.Rousseau’s theme in Spanish style.

Hope you like this version!


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